Code Niagara is joining hands with Spark Niagara!

Our vision for Niagara has always been for it to become one of Canada’s greatest innovation hubs.  Over the last two months, we have been witness to the incredible talent that exists in our region and the opportunities that are coming our way.

If there is one key to the success of our region, it is collaboration. Employment opportunities need to be coupled with strong training and growth for all members of our community. Those providing these opportunities need to be partnered with those ensuring that our community is prepared to participate in the digital revolution that is coming.

Today, we are announcing that we are joining hands with the largest innovation space in Niagara, powering the creation of new opportunities for economic diversification, job creation and societal benefits. Spark Niagara is bringing the digital revolution to Niagara through innovation and entrepreneurship in our backyard. Through our partnership, we want to make sure Niagara’s ready for what’s next. Our region has always attracted the best and the brightest and now it’s time to show them what we’ve got. Let’s do this, Niagara.