Code Niagara is joining hands with Spark Niagara!

Our vision for Niagara has always been for it to become one of Canada’s greatest innovation hubs.  Over the last two months, we have been witness to the incredible talent that exists in our region and the opportunities that are coming our way.

If there is one key to the success of our region, it is collaboration. Employment opportunities need to be coupled with strong training and growth for all members of our community. Those providing these opportunities need to be partnered with those ensuring that our community is prepared to participate in the digital revolution that is coming.

Today, we are announcing that we are joining hands with the largest innovation space in Niagara, powering the creation of new opportunities for economic diversification, job creation and societal benefits. Spark Niagara is bringing the digital revolution to Niagara through innovation and entrepreneurship in our backyard. Through our partnership, we want to make sure Niagara’s ready for what’s next. Our region has always attracted the best and the brightest and now it’s time to show them what we’ve got. Let’s do this, Niagara.

What is coding and why does it matter?

Coding seems to be the buzzword of the decade. Every company these days is looking for a “developer” or a “programmer” that can code. In fact, computer science jobs are in such high demand that this market is growing at four times the national average. That means that for every job created in Canada, there are four other jobs that can only be filled by employees who can code. But what is coding? Computer programming, more commonly known as coding, makes it possible for us to build software, websites, applications and digital tools. From NASA to Facebook to the call button on your smartphone, coding makes so much possible in today’s world. People code the simplest of programs like the one in the Python language below to entire databases of everything that we know about flamingos.

print 'Hello, world!'

The “Hello world!” is every beginner’s first program because it is one of the simplest ones out there – it prints the text “Hello world!” indicating your first step into the world of coding. 

Neat stuff but does it really matter?

Coding matters because we are undergoing a technical revolution. From the phones in our pockets to the microwaves in our kitchen, coding enables every aspect of our daily lives. As the world moves further and further into the digital age, coding is becoming as important as knowing your ABCs.

By 2018, coding classes will be mandatory teaching in all British Columbia schools. Nova Scotia introduced similar regulations in 2015. And yet, Ontario lags far behind these provinces in ensuring our youth are prepared to participate in this digital economy. Canada is changing, and we need to change with it. If you want to learn more about how we can better prepare our youth to succeed in this digital age, join us at one of our upcoming events.

Hello world!

Code Niagara Cupcakes

Over the last five years, Canada has seen a major shift in the workplace. Computing is no longer a support role that we play to companies; it has gone on to form the fundamental backbone of the Canadian labour market. By 2020 alone, Canada will need to fill 200,000 computing and IT-related jobs. Toronto and other large Canadian cities have invested in teaching these critical skills to their youth and professionals, but a small community like ours still lags behind these giants in ensuring that today’s Niagara is ready for tomorrow’s Canada.

While offered at some schools as an elective, most students in Niagara will never have the chance to explore computer science until well after they have enrolled or even graduated from university. How can we expect to create engineers if we never expose them to engineering before their undergraduate studies?

Code Niagara is on a mission to empower and provide the Niagara community with the skills, tools and platforms needed to succeed in the digital age. Our organization aims to use its mission to facilitate the formal adoption of computer science as a part of the school curriculum by the District School Board of Niagara.

From design courses to Python courses to the opportunity to find mentorship and advice for all your career-related questions, Code Niagara is your chance to develop key skills to enable your career. If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, drop us a note here and we will make sure to keep you in the loop as we work towards launching our first workshop!